Making healthier choices - as easy as looking for stars!

on 16 March 2017
Created: 16 March 2017

Making healthier choices when purchasing packaged foods is a whole lot easier now thanks to the Health Star Rating (HSR) system according to the Nationals’ Member for Riverina and Minister for Small Business Michael McCormack.

“The Health Star Ratings are a quick and easy way to compare the nutritional profile of packaged foods, and I am keen for consumers across the Riverina and Central West to keep an eye out for this helpful tool in supermarkets now,” Mr McCormack said.

Under the simple system, the more stars displayed on the pack, the healthier the choice.

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“It is about making it easier for people to make healthier choices by comparing similar packaged products on the shelf and it is also important that we remember that a healthy diet includes foods from all five food groups.

“The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating has useful information and tips about how to eat a balanced diet and fresh and packaged foods play an important part. With our busy lifestyles, the HSR system can help us compare similar packaged products and make healthier choices.

The HSR is an initiative of the Federal, State and Territory Governments, in partnership with industry, public health and consumer organisations and provides a quick, easy, standard way to compare similar packaged foods.

The HSR scores the nutritional profile of packaged food and assigns it a rating from a ½ star to 5 stars. Stars are calculated by assessing the amount of energy, saturated fat, sugars, sodium, fruit, vegetable, nut and legume content, as well as dietary fibre and protein.

“Since the system launched in June 2014, approximately 115 companies have chosen to use the system with more than 5,500 products displaying the HSR.

For more information on the HSR system, visit: